Writer's Block: It Was Only A Dream
Have you ever had a dream so certain it happened? What was it?

Chris and I were talking about the need for standard pencils (IE, not mechanical) for the JLPT and I remembered being at Wal-Mart and looking at some with Asuka. I clearly remember looking up at them, seeing Ticonderoga brand, reading that they are "The world's best pencil!" (I always did like the brand, but I preferred Princess. :P) and having a short talk about it. Followed by not buying any.
When I saw Asuka the day of the test I told him about it and he was like, "Yeah, I went pencil shopping. But not with you. My sister." It was an effing dream. haha I've been having really trippy ones the last few weeks, so I have a semi-normal one and it meshes into memories of reality. lol

Bed time. Chris just walked me through 2.5 hours of saving my computer from some nasty fake virus killer program. But it's gone and my computer is feeling okay again~! :3
Owe him a lot of thanks. He was dead after a ten hour day on his feet and I kept him up to 2:30 in my panic. orz

Marines got smashed...
And so did I! XD

Today started horrible, but I had a great time at the game. Hoping to go again! :D

Darn feets
They finally stopped blistering, getting cut, and get bit up. But then I pulled a muscle in the bottom of my left foot. T__T It's a little better than earlier, when I was squeaking from the pain, but I'm still limping around. I don't care about the pain too much, it'll go away, I'm just pretty embarrassed. :/

Didn't do too much today, figured I'd give my foot a rest and I couldn't think of much of interest to do anyway. Slept late, watched some TV. Limped to gyuudon, but the only other customers were two American boys. >.< Not much else, just downloading some stuff atm and trying figure out how to get some more Japanese music.

Yesterday I went to Shinjuku, which is the single busiest station in Japan. So it's one of the largest daily centers of human activity in the world. No big deal, I just went there 'cause there's a ton of shopping centers there. But they didn't really pan out. Most of it was expensive old ladies' clothes, so it was pretty ugly stuff. That was fine though, I got a good walk out of it AND didn't waste money. I got kind of lost though 'cause Shinjuku station is extremely confusing. At first I couldn't figure out what the hell I had done there before. Then I saw a bus for Nakano (Three or four stops outward on the train) and remembered. Chris, Kate, and I walked through Kabukicho (redlight area) and eventually all the way to Nakano 'cause we were bored. XD Chris also sad we went to a festival there, so it must be the one where I got my candy apple. No candy apples this time, though. :(

Tomorrow I may hang pretty close to home again 'cause my foot is really causing me problems. Tuesday I want to TRY to see the Marines play just 'cause I'm a dork. Don't have a lot of other plans. Except to watch the NHL awards and the 2010-2011 season draft!! XDDD

Back online!
Didn't have the internet there for a little while, 'cause I was temporarily moved. The facility was closed and all the kids were shipped off to the east coast of Chiba, which is seriously the middle of nowhere. I was excited to see that part of Chiba, 'cause I'd like to experience the whole thing (all I have left is the very southern tip. :D) and 'cause to get there we went through Tokyo Bay. No one else gave a crap, but I was so excited. Didn't even know there was this road, but there's a tunnel that goes through part of Tokyo Bay, then the last part is above it, and there's a super nice rest area in the middle. We ate lunch there on the way through Saturday, and I was found by some random Japanese guy named Sho who asked to take pictures with me and the girls I was with. XD I've come to find taking pictures with random Japanese people to be hilarious. I then went with the kids to meet there host families they'd be staying with, had a very awkward dinner with some of my co-workers and some of the city organizers and then was thankfully allowed to go to my hotel in Shin Urayasu. It was like 10 pm when I finally got there, and I crashed pretty early.

Hung out at Meikai quite a bit, bothered my teachers, went to see the kids' final skits, hung out with some of the people I knew. But the friend I THOUGHT would really want to hang out with me a lot, who said she wanted to catch up on the past two years, pretty much ditched me. T__T She's the sort who's always busy and always in demand, but you'd think she could make more than five minutes for me... My flaky friend hung out with me more. :/ And I re-met this kid I had class with before and we ended up talking for like three hours about this and that. He was actually pretty cool, even though he's a gamer. We both like Japanese grammar and aren't THAT into anime at all. XD Might go drinking with him at some point if I can.

Moved back into the facility two days ago, and was allowed into my room for the rest of my stay yesterday. I'm getting pretty sick of moving, I have a lot of bruises from struggling with my bags. T_T I was pretty overworked yesterday, but thankfully IES screwed up on a reservation so I was spared three hours of watching basketball (Have to make sure the kids use facilities correctly.) and my boss is really nice, so I try to be really patient. And she took me out for two meals, that was pretty cool. :D

Not too much really going on at the moment. Heard from Makkun, he's not mad. Chris says he can hang out 'cause Masayoshi really isn't interested in me romantically. Though I'm pretty sure I just heard from him for the last time. :/ Too bad, he was nice enough to maybe become a real friend. I heard some songs on TV and tracked them down, which sent me into a bit of an old Japanese hits kick. Seriously thinking of doing one-person karaoke next week 'cause it's cheap and I wanna go so bad. I have even more blisters. The view from my room is pretty awesome at night. I need to clean my room. I wish I could be hanging with Mel and Shane. Might go see the Marines play next week. Flipping rainy season. Dehumidifier = clothes drying in 12 hours instead of four days! I have some many cute new clothes I need to find a reason to wear them...
Yeah, that just turned into to a big spouting off of crap. lol

I'm excited to go visit Urayasu tomorrow (Not excited about getting up early, though...) and shot off some e-mails letting two friends at Meikai and my host family know I'm going to be coming back. And afterward, I finally made myself sit down and write to Masayoshi.
"I got an internship, and I've been living and working in Harajuku for a study abroad summer program. But I didn't know if I should tell you about it, so I haven't said anything until now. I have boyfriend. And yeah, hang out as just friends sounds cool to me, you probably don't want to and I'm sure he'll be jealous. So it's no good. I hope you and your family are well."
I've debated telling him for the longest time. Chris said he's ok with us hanging out, but doesn't want to know about it 'cause it will make him jealous. So I said I just wouldn't. But seriously, I'm scared to death of running into the guy. >.< There was some guy near my station that from behind looked SO much like him that I had to slow down a bit to hide in crowd. (And he's kind of distinct looking.) It's actually not unlikely he'd come around this area, and I have real reason to go back to Baraki this weekend. Better to let him know now than if we have some sort of awkward run-in?

And I tots got approached by another 30-40 year-old guy this evening. T_____T This one was Japanese and at least he was taller than me. He also realized pretty quick that I wasn't interested and moved on. I'm seriously disliking living next to Yoyogi Koen. (Major Japanese park.) We have to walk through it to get to the closest decent shopping area, even if we just want like a toothbrush, but there's so many creepers. The others are fine 'cause they go in groups, but I go alone and am a creeper magnet. I mean, I guess it's flattering that these guys think I'm worth a shot at trying to get in bed with, but I'd rather they just left me the fuck alone. I'll probably have to start bringing headphones even if I don't want to listen to music, or brush up on my Spanish. Ugh.

Now I guess I should do some packing. Not sure if my place to stay at has internet, but I'm hoping. But I'm sure it DOES allow alcohol! I gave up on having a beer tonight 'cause we're not allowed to drink beer in the facilities, I wasn't about to go into a bar here alone, and I am NOT drinking in the park at night alone. It'd be nice if they gave us a safe place to throw one back once in a while. :/

Up at 1pm
And I have to be up tomorrow around 7am or earlier. It's gonna be hard. lol

Oh yes, and the Flyers lost. haha! To tell the truth, I haven't truly witnessed the famous Philly douche-baggery that should make me hate them yet. I hate the Redwings the most, I hate the Capitols for Ovechkin, I'm still not that happy with the Canadiens. Mostly I just hate the Flyers 'cause A. I'm supposed to and B. Flyers fans are annoying. There's Dan, who was trying to use them to get into this one girl's pants, Dobby, who claims to be all into them, and didn't even realize they had passed the first round, and most of the others are pretty asshole-y, from what I've been exposed to. :/
So yay, Chicago! Play Off-Mullet man wins. XD
And I barely paid attention, just asked enough to know when the games ended. Now it's time for drafting and I can start feeling legitimately interested a bit again! XD

I should have actually gone to bed much earlier than I did last night. But I didn't get to until 2 am...
I walked from here to Shibuya, which is maybe like 40 minutes? It's a bit longer than the walk to Harajuku, which is through one of the nicest parks in the country. But I dislike the walk to Harajuku, and had kind of a good time walking to Shibuya?? Makes no sense. I guess it's a little more interesting, plus I preferred my destination yesterday.
Went there for some Bookoff-ing 'cause I was desperate for new music. But I ended up stopping at H&M first. OMFG. I love H&M. Even in Japan the prices are reasonable, quality is great, and there's sizes ABOVE me. I spent about $75 on a cute pink shirt and a blue skirt (Chris says it's the "Skirt every Japanese girl owns." T__T) that were on sale, and a black pencil skirt at full price. I'm soooo happy about the pencil skirt. It fits perfectly, is not bulgy or anything, and it is amazing. Totally worth the ~$38.
Then I stopped at Uniqlo 'cause I wanted a sweatshirt. Unfortunately they were out of the ones I wanted in my size. And when I tried on shirts to try to go with my new skirt, nothing worked. :( The colour I wanted wasn't available in the style I wanted. Oh well. Got some cool looking leggings (I MIGHT try to do the leggings style a little bit.) and some flats socks.
On to Don Quixote! XD That store is just so goofy.
And then I found my Bookoff. Got my two B'z albums, two EPs, and a single. All for about $12. I am sooo close to having all their albums now, I just need one. But I counted. There are like 25 singles I will have to buy to have all there songs. >__< (I also got bored last night and started a total count of all normally available, non-instrumental, original songs of theirs. It's over 250. O.o;;;)
Messed around some more, looking for food. I was starving at 6 as I'd been on my feet and walking for six hours, but was so thirsty I didn't want to eat. A bit of a conundrum in Japan is that, though there are vending machines and convenience stores EVERYWHERE, you are really not supposed to indulge publicly. Maybe if there was a place to sit, but Shibuya is not a good place for that. And being the cheap bastard I am, I wasn't willing to go to a cafe. lol
Saizeriya (Cheap Italian food) was over filled, so I kept looking. Nothing looked that good except damn gyuudon, and I eat that everyday here, so I gave up. It was also getting rainy, so I decided to take the train back and see what I could find along the way.
I got to Shinjuku station and found a place with noodles. Great! It's Japanese food and makes me mix it up a bit. Plus, it surely has free water and I can sit and rest a bit.
The place had no seats. T_______T But the food was very cheap and actually good, plus my chunk of the counter was right next to the water. XD Took down about four cups of the stuff. And it was good I couldn't sit, I was so tired I might not have wanted to get back up.
Got home around 8 and got cleaned up early. Then I took over my night duties, I have office hours from 9pm-11pm. I spent them ripping and listening to my new B'z albums. XDDD
At midnight-ish Chris woke up and we skyped. Was more bizarre than usual because, well, you guys know how I act when I'm REALLY tired. But we talked for over two hours. It's always so weird when he lets me go on for so long, it's hard to believe someone gives enough of a shit about me to let me ramble like that. ^^;;;

Oh, and did I mention I got approached by a 30-40 year-old South African man in the park? He tried chatting me up and ended up giving me his number. (Which I took down in case he gives me trouble in the future.) He was so creepy. And I don't react well to those sorts of situations. When he asked my age he was like, "23?! I would have guessed 17, you're so beautiful." Ewwwwwww!!!! >:O If he thought I was that young, he shouldn't have approached me for any reason.

Tomorrow we check out for a few days, and I being RA I have to help oversee the ridiculous procedures. That's why I gotta get up early. The kids and the other staff are going to a small town for a homestay thing, while I get to stay for free in Urayasu! My place I'm staying at is literally three minutes from my host family's place. lol I'm excited.

Tonight is my first night off, but I'm not sure what I'll do. I can't do MUCH since I have to be up and functional, plus I have no friends here. There's an open invitation for a karaoke birthday party, but I hardly know the girl, and it sounds like she's going to regret inviting so many guests anyway. But I plan on finding somewhere to have my beer, even though I can't drink it here. >.<

Not really a whole lot else is going on. I'm kind of looking forward to mixing it up at my gyuudon place tonight and getting the $3.50 chicken and vegetables on rice thingy. It looks way good to me, and I finally got verification that it has rice. That's about as interesting as it gets. lol

So tired
Have absolutely NO time, but I just wanted to update quick. I'm doing much better, know what my obligations are (mostly), and even got my first pay check! (But I only get paid three times...) Things get very dull, but I've been managing to have a good time. I walked to Shibuya today, and ended up having a great time walking and shopping. Spent around $120, but I haven't shopped in forEVER and got some amazing deals. More about that later, though. Time for BED. =_____=

Today was going really well. I broke down last night before going to bed, but woke up, talked to Chris, and he got me excited to actually get out and do something. I bolted for Higashi Funabashi and walked out to Kaizan. The trip took like two hours and six dollars, but it was worth it. Even the wait in line, in the sun, at effing 1pm was worth it. That stuff is good. And it was hilarious. The guys at gyuudon seemed a little amused to see me. At Kaizan (which is seriously in the middle of nowhere.) they were really surprised. But I don't care, it's good stuff! And I ended up so full that it's still lasting me at 11! XD

Went then to LaLaport for some shopping. It was pretty fun and I actually managed to find a lot of cute stuff I was thinking of getting. But I was putting off purchases 'til the end when I would be sure what the best deals were. But then I realized I probably had to be back for night duty, and my boss let me know I was right. =_______= LaLaport is HUGE. It's three wings, two are two-stories, one is four. And the part with most of the stuff I like was furthest from the station. So it ended up, to make it back in time, I couldn't get anything. :( I rushed to the station, got to Tokyo and rushed to Yamanote line, got to Harajuku and rushed through the park all the way back. Ended up a little early. Turned out, my boss wasn't even there! >.< Apparently SHE can leave with the emergency phone, but I can't. When she showed up, I asked her to see my night shift schedule, and she got offended, thinking I was second guessing her. But I said I just wanted to be able to plan over the next few weeks and she says, "Actually... I don't know where it is." It's not finalized, but I'd like to have SOME idea of when I will be working.
Ran into another intern then, who was saying she got in at like 6am. I'm sure she was drinking. I don't need to stay out that late, I don't have anyone I want to do that with. But I sure as fucking hell could go for a beer! But, no alcohol is allowed on the facilities, and what I really want to do is buy a few Nodogoshis, sit back, and watch a Marines game. And I don't even like baseball that much! lol

I got a shower though and feel so much better. I can deal with the night shift stuff, it'll at least save me some money. I just really don't feel like dealing with any of the other staff anymore. lol

Sometime soon, though, I'm supposed to be moved to Shin Urayasu by myself for a few days. Which will be sweet. Karaoke with the teachers, more Kaizan, drinking if I feel like it, easy access to both LaLaport and Daiei. The more I'm forced to stay in down-town Tokyo, the more I realize I love Chiba. lol And it's making me like PA more, too. Central and Pittsburgh.
Find it pretty funny. My first day off, and I'm living in THE place to be in Tokyo. I'm right between Shinjuku and Shibuya. And what do I do?? Go off to the sticks in Chiba. XD

(no subject)
Today was better, but still kind of sucky. I woke up at 5 'cause my room faces the rising sun, and couldn't get back to sleep. So at 7 I left to get breakfast, only to realize my food options at the facilities were still closed and I wasn't allowed to leave the property. T__T
I ended up waiting around until the convenience store opened. Where I was accosted by an old woman who was either mentally retarded or very senile. There's no problem with those, of course, but I dislike being confronted by anyone getting up in my face first thing in the morning. At least she left me alone afterward.

Worked on some random things around our "office" then got some time to bitch to Chris. Then after a few more tasks I got to go to lunch. Was supposed to have an hour and half, so I took my time. Gyuudon, which I've been dying for was so cheap! And it was funny, I saw IES kids all over the McDonald's and curry place, but I was the only one to go into the gyuudon place. It's like half the price of a McDonald's meal here at $3, and far better in my opinion. Plus I got to be the only girl at a table full of middle-aged men. XD (Everyone sits at a bar that wraps around so the waitress can get to everyone quickly.) They seemed slightly amused that I just popped in and ate just like everyone else, no problems. It was boring, but I found it really fun. lol Then I popped into 7-Eleven for some ice cream. Got Coolish for the first time, a squeezy tube, because of the free laser pointer. It was coffee flavour with jello in it, but it was actually really good!
Then I get back after hardly half an hour, and am asked to work. T_T Didn't even get to finish my ice cream without standing up. Carried a ton of stuff to orientation, then watched as they took care of it. Most of it went pretty well, and after me and my two bosses cleaned up. I ran the sweeper and helped move all the tables back into place as we had moved them all around. It was simply, but pretty strenuous. Then I had free time until the welcome party.

Party was ok, until the end. I didn't stick to anyone as I don't have any real friends here and feel like I shouldn't force anyone to be mine since I'm there RA. But I mingled pretty well, until I ran into my bosses daughter who was noticeably pissed that I didn't recognize her from an unpleasant dinner we had together in a group when I was really stressed last spring. All I remembered about her at all was that she's very unpleasant, so I would have gone out of my way to avoid her if I could have. But she made kind of a scene about it, and wouldn't tell me who she was at first. Does it really flipping matter? I'm surprised you remember me, why not just avoid me and act like we never met.
So I ended up feeling progressively awkward after that, and went out of my way to stay on the opposite side of the room from her. >_<

Went back to my room at 7:30 and waited 'til 9 to get the "emergency phone" 'cause I'm on night duty. So I can't leave again tomorrow until I pass on the phone. Bleh. But as soon as I got there, my bosses are like, "Hannah... we have another task for you!" I had to learn how to use these goofy lock boxes, then they made me put the phone numbers of all the students into excel. It really didn't take long, I just didn't understand why Ogura had to give me her computer and just watch me do it, when she could have done it earlier. But yeah, I got it done pretty fast, and she was really surprised. Maybe she knew I could type faster? It was like it was THAT fast, though. Kinda think her computer skills aren't the best? If so, maybe that's common in Japan? Wouldn't be surprised.

Kaizan and shopping tomorrow! Hopefully after a full night's sleep! Just hopefully no one decides I have to work on my day off. That would suuuuck. >__<
And hopefully they give me some time to hang at least a little with my friends here (who still are people I don't know THAT well. :/) and stuff. I feel so isolated from people who actually give a shit about me for something other than my productivity. Afraid I'm starting to get depressed already. :/

Damn, I feel so whiny.

In Japan
Finally have internet, and it's even in my room. :D

The work has been hard, and my boss has kind of been an ass to me today, but hopefully as things calm down it will be ok. She almost had me crying earlier. T_T
The room sucks. I get airconditioning, which was my main concern. But there's no closet! I can deal with little space, but I can't even fricking unpack?? The showers are shared, like you sit together and take them. I can deal, but shaving is going to be embarassing.

Really I think things will get better soon, but today and yesterday were SO hard, I just am not feeling to bright and cheery about things. :/ Would rather be Knoebel-ing it up with Mel and working for a profit.

I get off Sunday, I think! Then I can at least finally go get the ramen I've been dying for! Chris and Bays are gonna be mega-jealous. All three of us think Kaizan's ramen is THE best reason to come back to Japan. lol


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